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BetWonderland FAQs

Interested in joining BetWonderland? Read our FAQs to learn more or don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions. 

Why join the BetWonderland Affiliate Program?

BetWonderland boasts a diverse portfolio of brands available for promotion. The BetWonderland affiliate program provides you with generous commissions and comprehensive marketing and technical support from our dedicated team.

How can I join the Betwonderland Affiliate Program?

Joining the BetWonderland affiliate program requires you to fill in the application form with all required details about how you will promote all of our brands.

How long will it take to review my application?

Please allow a maximum of 5 working days for your application to be reviewed. In most cases, we will endeavour to process all applications as quickly as possible.

When I join as a BetWonderland Affiliate, can I promote all of the brands?

Once approved, brands and deals will be negotiated on a per affiliate basis.

What types of websites can join the affiliate program?

For all brands on BetWonderland, a website related to sports betting and/or horse racing would be a requirement. If you're unsure about whether your website covers those categories, contact us for assistance.

Can I promote on more than 1 website?

Pending approval, yes, you may promote on more than one website that you operate. We would require notice of this to ensure the correct tracking can be applied.

Can I sign up multiple affiliate accounts for 1 website?

You can only have one affiliate account with BetWonderland.

If I don’t have a website can I still join the affiliate program?

If you do not operate a website, get in touch with us before registering, allowing us to explore your intended methods of promoting our brands and how your referrals will be tracked to you. Not having this information may lead to a delay in the approval process, so reaching out beforehand will help ensure a smoother experience.

Do you offer CPA or revenue share?

BetWonderland offers a range of deals including CPA and revenue share options. These are negotiated per affiliate based on numerous factors.

Do you do CPC, CPM, CPL or other deals?

We do not offer these types of deals. If anything changes, we'll be sure to let our affiliate partners know.

Can I promote deposit bonuses or other offers?

Our affiliates must adhere to stringent guidelines regarding promotional offers they can advertise. It is strictly prohibited for affiliates to promote any first deposit bonuses or offer inducements to open new betting accounts. If you have any doubts about whether a particular promotion is permitted on your website, please don't hesitate to contact us for clarification.

How can I check my earnings?

All earnings reports are available to you in your affiliate portal, accessible using your specific login credentials. If you're having trouble accessing them, contact us for assistance.

Which currencies can I be paid in?

We offer payment in Australian dollars (AUD).

How often are affiliates paid?

Affiliates are paid monthly.

How do I access marketing materials?

We have prepared a significant library of assets in multiple dimensions for each brand, which you can conviently access via the affiliate portal. If there are any assets or dimensions you would like that haven't been accounted for, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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